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Xindeco intends to transfer 70 million investments to LED package

Xiamen Xindeco announced recently that it intends to transfer the capital raised for outdoor lighting products of "Xiamen LED application expansion project" to LED package, the total involved capital is 71.49 million yuan (about 11.61 million US dollars). [Read more...]

Taiwan packaging factory AOT will be listed tomorrow

Taiwan package plant Advanced Optoelectronic Technology, Inc. (AOT), the subsidiary of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. will be listed tomorrow (9th July), due to the two giant parent companies of Hon Hai and Nichia, AOT will pose a huge threat to the Everlight company. It is estimated that, net income per share of Everlight this year is expected to reach 5 yuan, and AOT may reach 6 yuan per share. [Read more...]

Chinese wafer production will grow by 36.6% in 2014

According to the analysis of IHS company, Chinese wafer production will grow by 36.6%, and reaching $1.475 billion in 2014, while LED package will grow by 14.8%, and reaching $ 4.812 billion. [Read more...]

Nationstar announced an increase of 150% -200% in 2013

The Chinese top LED package company Nationstar released a amended announcement in the night of 16th January, stated that the estimates earnings for the year 2013 is expected 98.33 million to 118 million yuan, an increase of 150% -200%. [Read more...]

Everlight launched smallest full-color SMD0505 package

Everlight launched smallest full-color SMD0505 package

Everlight launched the world's smallest size full color SMD package product: 18-035, only 0.5mm x 0.5mm, can be fully applied in the ultra- high-resolution LED TV. [Read more...]

Xiamen Xindeco proposes to increase 700 million yuan for LED and RFID project

September 12th 2013, One of the Chinese famous LED package company Xiamen Xindeco Ltd. (stock: 000701) plan to non-public offer not more than 80 million shares, issue price of 9.72 yuan / share (USD1.58/share), raise funds not more than 700 million yuan (USD114 million), [Read more...]

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Featured News

  • Light painting photography produced by motion
    Light painting photography produced by motion

    Stephen Orlando is a photographer from Ontario, Canada; he has always been fascinated by the human movement. Stephen tied programmable LED rods on kayak paddle, sportsman, racket and other objects, and converted the motion to light painting photography. [Read more…]

  • The Han Show Theater
    The Han Show Theater

    The Han show Theater is designed for “Han show”, located in the eastern of the Chuhehan street Wuchang District of Wuhan City China, with a total construction area of 86,000 square meters, total building height of 59.8 meters, with 2000 seats and VIP exclusive channels, the theater interior architecture has multiple high-tech equipments and facilities. Building inspiration came from the essence of Chinese traditional culture: “Red Lantern.” [Read more…]

  • Changzhou Dragon Bridge
    Changzhou Dragon Bridge

    The Dragon Bridge locates on the Grand Canal in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, which is about 300 meters south of Changwu bridge. It is one of important bridge on the new canal. [Read more…]