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Nationstar packaging capacity is expected to reach 1400KK/ month

Nationstar (stock 002,449) "Investor relations activities record" discloses that in the first half 2014, the company has developed expansion plans, expected by mid of 2014, the packaging production capacity can reach 1400KK/month. By the end of 2013, [Read more...]

Panasonic released deep UV-LED modules for ultraviolet sterilization

Panasonic released deep UV-LED modules for ultraviolet sterilization

Panasonic has developed deep UV LED sterilization module with wavelength of 270nm, it will start selling on June 16th, 2014. [Read more...]

Sanan and Seoul Semiconductor set Joint venture together

Sanan Optoelectronics announced in 10th April evening that Sanan, Seoul Semiconductor and Seoul Viosys Company (a subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor) decided to conduct business cooperation, and set up a joint venture named Anhui Sanshou Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., [Read more...]

Takara Tomy launched NFC -driven LED decorative nails

Takara Tomy launched NFC -driven LED decorative nails

According to report that the Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy has recently introduced a fake nails with built-in LED lights, after touching the smartphones nearby, the NFC component in the fake nails will activate LED light, and finally shining the nails. [Read more...]

Canada solved the “goose disaster” by using LED lights

Canadian airports, parks and lush plants pastures are now in trouble, the large population of wild geese affects the ecological environment in these places, and it is a big risk for aviation. [Read more...]

Toshiba introduced the industry’s smallest white LED

Toshiba introduced the industry's smallest white LED

Toshiba has developed the industry's smallest white LED "CSP-LED", the size is 0.65x0.65mm and it’s for illumination use. The product uses wafer level Chip Scale Package (CSP) technology, compare to competitors' products, this package size cut by more than 50%. Toshiba said that as the light source is very small, so it helps to increase the flexibility of lighting design, [Read more...]

Mitsubishi developed soilless hydroponic vegetable plant by using LED lighting

According to Nikkei BP reported that Mitsubishi Chemical has sold plant factory system to a company, this plant use of artificial light including LED lighting and fluorescent light to promote plant photosynthesis. The company will use this system to crop vegetable, and then sell to its subordinate department stores, hotels, convenience stores and others. [Read more...]

American Ace Hardware recalled LED lamps produced by Indonesia

American Ace Hardware recalled LED lamps produced by Indonesia

Recently, the American largest hardware retailer Ace Hardware announced the recall of about 15,000 ACE Clamp-On LED work lights, due to lamp base has hidden danger of electric shock and fire safety hazards. [Read more...]

Cree Power LED luminous efficiency achieves 300lm/W

Cree Power LED luminous efficiency achieves 300lm/W

Cree (Nasdaq: CREE) announced the white power LED luminous efficiency achieves 303 lm/W, establishes a new milestone in the LED industry. This research results exceed industry record (276 lm/W) that was set more than one year years ago, [Read more...]

Jamaica will exempt solar equipment and LED lights customs duties

Jamaica Energy Minister Powell said on 4th March, Jamaican government has decided to amend the law immediately, and will eliminate import tariffs on solar equipment and LED lights. [Read more...]

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