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How to reduce LED display light attenuation?

How to reduce LED display light attenuation?

The light attenuation always is the maintenance problem on the large LED digital display and dot matrix display, in addition to use air conditioning, LED also need to adopt constant current measures. The pixel that composed by a plurality of LED is dynamic when under the control of light up alternately, so the constant current produced by integrated circuit IC and does not match it. [Read more...]

Samsung will increase OLED panels output to 33% in 2014

According to the latest Korean media report that Samsung will increase OLED panels output proportion up to 33% of the annual display panel in 2014. The monthly production of fourth quarter 2013 was 140,000, while the fourth quarter of 2014 output is expected to reach 177,000/month. [Read more...]

Baotou LED sapphire manufacturing projects go into operation

December 26th 2013, the LED sapphire plant settled in China Baotou manufacturing industrial parks was officially put into operation. This is Baotou another key project which is instant build and instant used factory. [Read more...]

Green Lantern: Small desk LED plant lamp

Green Lantern: Small desk LED plant lamp

Now, the modern people are more and more far away from nature, and the Italian design company NuDe specially designed a ”Green Lantern”, this lamp integrates Green potted and lighting together, it gives fresh air to the indoor people. Green Lantern with distinctive design, [Read more...]

Seoul Semiconductor ranked in IEEE patent ability in 2 consecutive years

Recently, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) selected Seoul Semiconductor as the only manufacturer in LED industry that ranked in it’s patent ability in 2013, which is the second year that Seoul Semiconductor have been included in this ranking. [Read more...]

TI announced the acquisition of UTAC plant in Chengdu

Based on the investment plans of earlier this year, Texas Instruments (TI) announced on 20th December 2013 the acquisition of UTAC plant located in Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, aim to further strengthen the long-term investment strategy in this important area. Earlier this year, TI announced the next 15 years’ investment is expected up to $ 1.69 billion in these projects. [Read more...]

5000 floating LED bulbs in Otaru Canal for praying with star

5000 floating LED bulbs in Otaru Canal for praying with star

On December 23th 2013, Japan Otaru, Hokkaido Tourism Association put 5000 units floating blue LED bulbs in the Otaru Canal, people may throw one by one into river with wishes in night sky, local residents call this event as: pray with star. When night fall, the floating bulbs just like bright stars shinning in the night sky, and this activity took place from 17:00 to 20:00, 21th to 23th December. [Read more...]

Flip chip technology will help to reduce the LED TV cost

Flip chip technology has been developed for a long time, but so far to this year, there are more focus in lighting applications, along with the LED TV continues tending low cost, also the flip chip LED with features of wide viewing angle, can be driven by high-current, now this technology is entering LED TV backlight applications. [Read more...]

The first phase of London LED streetlight project will cost £10.9 million

The first phase of London LED streetlight project will cost £10.9 million

The UK biggest city London will deploy the country's largest LED street light project; aim to achieve the target of saving 40% energy in 2016. Transport for London (TFL) announced that they are cooperating with London Mayor Office on the LED street reconstruction project, including the upgrading of 35,000 street lights and installing a network adaptive control system to monitor and control the lighting fixtures. [Read more...]

LIFI is expected to entering home use after 5 years

Recently, the Seventh China Cooperative Innovation Conference held in Chongqing, the director of the National Digital Switching System Engineering Technology Research Center Academician Wu Xing Jiang said, China is at the same starting line with the developed countries in the visible light communication research and practical applications, has been successful applied in on-demand TV, [Read more...]

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