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American researchers developed new GaN LED technology with double flux

American researchers developed new GaN LED technology with double flux

Scientist at North Carolina State University has developed a new technology; it can significantly enhance the light-emitting diode brightness without increasing electricity. At the same time, with a special coating materials, this new LED and LED product are more stable and adaptable compared to the ordinary ones. [Read more...]

Cree released 100W replacement LED bulb sold $19.97

Cree released 100W replacement LED bulb sold $19.97

Recently, Cree introduced a new LED bulb equivalent to 100W lamp, which reaches brightness of 1600 lumens; there are soft white and cool daylight available. In order to reduce the adverse effects caused by overheating, A21 bulb adopts a special thermal design at the base. In fact, the actual power of the light bulb is only 18W [Read more...]

European Commission subsidizes €3.15 million to help research hybrid SSL module

Recently the European Commission is providing funding for the new inorganic and organic hybrid lighting module research projects. Those modules are designed for professional and architectural lighting; these areas are the first fields to use of LED lighting technology. [Read more...]

DOE: Most MR16 LED lights are inferior to 50W halogen lamp

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) released the latest CALiPER test results recently, and found that only a small number of LED Lighting Facts labeled MR16 lights performance equal with 50W (12V) halogen lamp. [Read more...]

Samsung LED lighting solutions can save 30% cost

Samsung recently said it plans to seek new growth opportunities in Australia through its LED lighting solutions. The company said the smartphones and tablet PCs will be at the center of its all-round strategic product ecosystem, while smart phones will play a central role in Samsung wearable devices, printers and LED lighting products. [Read more...]

CCTV will use new studio with HD LED display

CCTV will use new studio with HD LED display

The famous American business magazine "Fast Company" recently interviewed studio designer Jim Fenhagen, as a famous American studio design expert, he had participated the Interior Design of THE COLBERT REPORT, THE DAILY SHOW, MARTHA STEWART and other well-known programs. Recently, he designed the new CCTV (China Central Television) studio, [Read more...]

Microchip acquisition of Supertex by $394 million dollars

On 10th February, LED chip maker Microchip Technology Inc (MCHP) announced on Monday that it has agreed to acquisition of high-voltage analog and mixed-signal chip maker Supertex Inc by $394 million in cash, in order to strengthen its supply in medical, LED lighting and telecommunications industries. [Read more...]

What’s EMC LED Package?

LED package has experienced several technical upgrades, from the first generation of PPA to ceramic substrate, and now comes to the third generation of EMC package. The emerging of new technologies brings unlimited business opportunities to contenders, while also hits the market structure in their field. [Read more...]

Apple iWatch may use 1.52-inch POLED screen

Recent rumored news that LG display will supply POLED screen for Apple's "iWatch", LG will adopt its POLED panel technology, and use 1.52-inch design. Some analysts predict that Apple's "iWatch" and large screen iPhone6 will be launched together in September. [Read more...]

Nationstar announced an increase of 150% -200% in 2013

The Chinese top LED package company Nationstar released a amended announcement in the night of 16th January, stated that the estimates earnings for the year 2013 is expected 98.33 million to 118 million yuan, an increase of 150% -200%. [Read more...]

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