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United States will ban 40 and 60-watt incandescent bulbs since 2014

U.S. bulb factories will stop producing best-selling 40-watt and 60-watt incandescent bulbs from 2014. According to this prohibition adopted in 2007, US eliminated incandescent bulbs more than 100 watt since 2012, and discontinued 75 watts and 100 watts incandescent lamps since 2013. This controversial law designed to promote energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps, LED light bulbs and other energy efficiency lighting. [Read more...]

Are we at the Tipping Point for Widespread Adoption of LEDs?

Are we at the Tipping Point for Widespread Adoption of LEDs?

The promise of affordable LEDs for customers is inching ever closer. LEDs offer a number of advantages compared to traditional lighting methods, and although these advantages have been long known, widespread adoption faces the long-standing obstacle of purchase price. Now that this price is rapidly lessening, the benefits of LEDs are becoming more widely recognised. [Read more...]

Neo-Neon deficit HK $149 million in first half of 2013

Recently, Neo-Neon (01868.HK) announced the first half fiscal (ended in September) turnover is HK $540 million dollar, an increase of 1.7% over the previous year. Recorded a deficit of HK $149 million, which is 15.9 cents/share, the net profit is HK $4.23 million, no interim dividend. [Read more...]

Design Libero designed Aurora bathroom

Design Libero designed Aurora bathroom

Milan Design Libero designed a bathroom suit named Aurora, as its name, it introduces the aurora into bathroom. All the design includes toilet, bathtub and wash basin, the overall outline showing streamline sharp. Designers installed built-in circle LED light source in the Aurora, [Read more...]

Bow Lighting: Elegant office lamp

Bow Lighting: Elegant office lamp

Observatory studio designed a ceiling lamp, named Bow Lighting. It adopts natural willow, the core material is aluminum coated by steel, and the overall sharp is arched its name. It is equipped with a V-shaped reflector, which can be swapped between direct and indirect lighting, it only need to adjust the reflector angle to change the illumination on the wall or table. [Read more...]

Sydney creates interactive Infinite Choir with 16 “singers”

Sydney creates interactive Infinite Choir with 16

Recently, In Pitt Street Mall Sydney Australia, set up human sculptures embedded the LED display in the body, with built-in sensors, they will play beautiful songs when people pass by. This "Infinite Choir" Orchestra including 16 singers, and be arranged in two columns, each row 8 singers singing together. In addition, when you watch them in the night, the inside LED display will play a variety of interesting patterns. [Read more...]

Hon Hai reveals its OLED panel plan

HON HAI PRECISION IND.CO., LTD. is developing high-definition OLED panel, and it estimates to be launched in 2015. Hon Hai has no comment on this, and refers that the OLED technology is an important long-term research and development projects of the Group. [Read more...]

Solar LED clothespin: Lightly

Solar LED clothespin: Lightly

Designer Idan Noyberg and Gal Bulka brought us shiny "Lightly" clothespin. Each clamp is equipped with tiny solar panels, during the dry clothes time, Lightly clothespin is storing energy; and in the side are LED, night senor and battery pack. When dusk comes, the LEDs are driven by the battery, and emit different colors automatically; those colorful clothespins line up and become beautiful street scenery. [Read more...]

Wanda Plaza architecture lighting effect

Wanda Plaza architecture lighting effect

Wanda Plaza as the only high-end commercial center in Dalian High-tech Zone celebrated its opening in May 25, 2013. This is Wanda Group first opening project this year, also the group’s class A project, The architectural lighting explained this shining, bright and bustling event. [Read more...]

Puzzle Facade: huge building LED Cube in Austria

Puzzle Facade: huge building LED Cube in Austria

Spanish designer Javier Lloret designed a huge building cube game named "Puzzle Facade" in Austria. This program adopts the remote control of LED lighting on a building that can be changing colors. [Read more...]

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