LED news, LED knowledge, technologies, events

LED news, LED knowledge, technologies, events

Russian One: The next World Cup special tram

Russian One: The next World Cup special tram

Brazil World Cup just ended, and the next host country, Russia is busy in preparing the next event. It is reported that Russia recently designed a next generation new tram "Russian One", it developed by the subsidiary of Russian famous train machinery manufacturing Uralvagonzavod company. [Read more...]

U.S. recalls ProLED bulbs which made in China

U.S. recalls ProLED bulbs which made in China

July 15, 2014, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Halco Lighting announced jointly on voluntary recalling the LED bulbs that made in China. [Read more...]

Xiamen Changelight will spend 5 billion for expansion

Xiamen Changelight (300102) announced in the 24th July afternoon that recently the company signed investment agreement with Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee (referred to as "Xiamen Torch CMC"), the agreement is about investment and construction of blue and green LED epitaxial wafers, chips and lighting projects. [Read more...]

Blue LED light may restore nerve damage

Researchers at the Kings College London found that the blue LED has well effect on repairing the nerve damage, especially for the damaged nerve and motor neuron disease of disabled patients. In the study, they successfully restored nerve function by flashing irradiating on the disabled nerve. [Read more...]

U.S. DOE will announce the LED and OLED research fund plans of 2015

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will announce the Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program of formal financing plan of 2015 fiscal year on August 11, 2014. The agency said that the materials research center in the field of LED and OLED are within the scope of the agency's consideration. [Read more...]

Philips announced Q2 report: LED product sales increased 43%

Philips announced Q2 report: LED product sales increased 43%

July 21, Philips announced 2014 second quarter (April-June) earnings results, and the report shows that Philips 2014 Q2 revenue was reduced by 6% to 5.293 billion euros; annual EBITA was decreased 30.95 percent to 415 million euros; and annual net income was reduced 23.34% to 243 million euros. [Read more...]

UK Department of Energy plans to fund $34.2 million for upgrading LED lighting

According to UK Department of Energy’s power consumption reduction plan, British families may pay millions of pounds to provide free LED lighting for supermarkets and airports. [Read more...]

Samsung plans to set a new plant in South Africa

Because Africa has a huge potential market, Samsung plans to set up a new plant in South Africa, and customize home appliances for African countries specially, it hopes to integrate into local life and create revenue. [Read more...]

MotoGlo light: A smart helmet accessories

MotoGlo light: A smart helmet accessories

We know that the drive the motorcycles on the road is more dangerous than the private cars, any slightest mistake may make serious accident. In view of this, a U.S. company called Whistler Group has developed an intelligent safety helmets, it can protect motorcyclists’ safety effectively. [Read more...]

Cute mushroom LED lights

Cute mushroom LED lights

Design Festa is an international art event holds in Tokyo, there are 5,500 artists from all over the world gathered together every year, and show people with creative works and performances. There was a cute mushroom LED light was exhibited at this festival. [Read more...]

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