LED news, LED knowledge, technologies, events

LED news, LED knowledge, technologies, events

The EU issued a warning on Chinese-made LED power supply

August 29, 2014, The European Rapid Alert System for Non-Food Products (RAPEX) issued a warning on Chinese-made LED power supply, this case originated from Finland. The product name is "Waterproof LED Power Supply". This power packed in a white carton box, electrical parameters: [Read more...]

IKEA invested Flexible LED Lighting Materials

IKEA invested Flexible LED Lighting Materials

We have seen the LED lighting applications in carpets and wallpaper. Now, IKEA adopts LED lighting in its variety of household products. The company has invested in Design LED Products Ltd, and used its LED light tiles. According to data released by IKEA, the LED light tiles designed by Design LED Products Ltd are very thin, low cost, [Read more...]

Cree announced to recall 10,000 units LED high bay light

Cree announced to recall 10,000 units LED high bay light

August 26, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Cree announced jointly to recall two models LED high bay light that made in China, the number of total recalled lamps is up to 10,000 units. CPSC said the glass lens in the LED lamps may rupture and fall, so they have injured risks, consumers should stop using it and contact Cree company for a free replacement immediately. [Read more...]

Xindeco intends to transfer 70 million investments to LED package

Xiamen Xindeco announced recently that it intends to transfer the capital raised for outdoor lighting products of "Xiamen LED application expansion project" to LED package, the total involved capital is 71.49 million yuan (about 11.61 million US dollars). [Read more...]

Russia encourages Chinese companies to set up LED factories in Russia

Gruzdev Alexey, the representative of Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the People's Republic of China, said in Russian and the CIS countries' Lighting Market Analysis and Channel Strategy Conference that "In lighting products, China has always been the largest supplier of Russia." Along with Russian accession to WTO, prohibition of sale incandescent bulb, [Read more...]

South Korea will invest 22 billion won in OLED lighting industry

Recently, the Korean Ministry of Industry and Trade announced that it will launch an OLED lighting industry support program, called "OLED lighting industry cluster construction project", this project will be started from the end of September 2014 and last for five-years, [Read more...]

Lextar will spend NT $1.1 billion to buy new plant in Jhunan

As optimistic about the prospect of LED lighting market, the board of Taiwan Lextar Electronics Corp announced on Wednesday (13th August) that it plans to spend NT $1.1 billion (about 36.66 million U.S. dollars) for buying a plant located in Jhunan, Taiwan, the factory was rent from its parent company AU Optronics Corp (AUO). [Read more...]

Japan developed two inches SCAM crystal to replace blue LED substrate

Japan Fukuda crystallization Institute of Technology has developed 50mm (2 inches) caliber of ScAlMgO4 (SCAM) crystals successfully, and plans to use this material as GaN-based light-emitting substrate for blue LED component and blue-violet semiconductor laser. Compared with sapphire substrate, SCAM can reduce the crystal defects of the GaN-based semiconductor; [Read more...]

OSRAM acquired Italian Clay Paky SpA

OSRAM official website announced on the 8th August, in order to expand the entertainment lighting business, the company will acquire Clay Paky SpA which is headquartered in Bergamo, Italy. Clay Paky is a company focus on moving head, track lights and other stage lighting, as well as projectors for concerts, theater and studio. [Read more...]

Philips plans to expand LED lighting factory in Tupelo

Philips plans to expand LED lighting factory in Tupelo

The Washington Post reported on the 7th that Philips plans to expand its lighting factory which located in Tupelo City of Mississippi, and will add 50 jobs on the original 450 employees. [Read more...]

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